Outreach Efforts


 Two of our students, Robert Mobley and Audrey Dwyer put on a demonstration of mock trial skill for the faculty and administration of the Maynard Jackson High School, which is considering starting their own high school mock trial program. The students spent about an hour answer questions from teachers and administrators, including Principal Danser about the basic requirements of mock trial, the time commitments, challenges, and what they learned from their experience with the Grady Mock Trial Program. Robert explained his opportunities to compete as an attorney in the Empire International Invitational Mock Trial Tournament as a freshman and as a witness and the Regional, District and State Competitions. And Audrey detailed her experience in her varied witness roles and her critical role as Timekeeper at the National Championship Competition in Hartford, CT in May 2017.


Marcus Patton, a former Grady High School Mock Trial Assistant Teacher Coach and Primary Teacher Coach for Decatur High School, is spearheading Maynard Jackson’s renewed efforts to bring mock trial back to the Jaguars.

Robert and Audrey gave this presentation as part of the Foundation’s Reach Out / Reach Over (RoRo) Initiative to help Expand and Enhance the Mock Trial Experience for students beyond the Grady High School Campus. The Foundation will continue to partner with Mr. Patton and the Jaguars to help ensure a successful launch of their high school mock trial program as best they can.

S.H.A.M. (Stars Have Aligned Moment) Invitational and The Grady High School Mock Trial Foundation hosts an Invitational Mock Trial Tournament designed to allow teams and individuals to build on their skills and experience at an End-of-Competition-Season Invitational Tournament.  After spending a season developing a case or working on a role and getting feedback from evaluators and coaches after several rounds of Regional or even District Competition, teams can come to the SHAM Invitational and get several more rounds of competition to incorporate all that they have heard, seen, and learned to take their “Mock Trial Game” to the next level.  And for students who may have spent the season on the sidelines or as a timekeeper the Foundation’s Invitational is their time to shine.





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